The Winetailor project makes part of a wider project called Winecircus, wine cellar and laboratory property of Roberto Cipresso. Winetailor aims to reach and meet those who have the passion for wine, those who dream to produce their exclusive and personal wine without necessarily being owner of a farmhouse, a castle, cellars or vineyards, becoming in this way winemaker for one day. 
You’ll be guided into this exclusive and almost magical experience by Roberto Cipresso; his laboratory offers all “the state of the art” and most modern instruments so that you can tailor your own wine, a wine that can express your character, culture and an unique taste.
The essentials ingredients to build this Winetailor come from research activities by Roberto Cipresso inside his path of winemaker and great keen and for this reason are special and unique. Wines coming in origin from varieties that have been left behind, from grapes that have been collected in heroic vineyards or grapevines grown in grounds with great character.
A unique and personalized wine plus an exclusive one-off experience. This is the guarantee for who joins and participates in the Winetailor project.

ROBERTO CIPRESSO – Short Biography


Roberto Cipresso, native from Bassano del Grappa, starts his winemaking career in 1987 in Montalcino, where he settles and starts working for some well known wine productors like Case Basse, Poggio Antico and Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona.
He extends his activity and collaborates with prestigious companies in Tuscany and across the most important regions in the territory thanks to his successful personal achievements.
In 1999 Roberto Cipresso founded Winemaking, a group of agronomic and oenologic consultancy that today counts with a team of selected technicians that work for more than thirty companies throughout the Italian territory.
His carrier counts with collaborations with foreigner companies such as the prestigious Achaval-Ferrer Winery - in the past - and Matervini in Argentina, and Bueno Bellavista in Brasil. Recently he started a new collaboration with Vinos de La Luz in Argentina and Spain, fulfilling his dream of working with the Tempranillo variety.
He is the founder of La Fiorita winery, located in the heart of Montalcino. He is the owner of a vineyard of Brunello vines near his Resort of Poggio al Sole. He is also the founder of the Winecircus project, a wine cellar and laboratory. Thanks to the particular vines that he counts with and thanks to the experimental cellar, Winecircus is dedicated to research and to the different aspects of the vine activity in collaboration with the Universities of Padova, Venezia, Palermo, Torino, Pisa and Udine. He works in Winecircus with his brother Gianfranco and his friend Achaval Ferrer.
Roberto Cipresso participates frequently as speaker in technical – scientific conventions nationwide and internationally.
In 2000, during Jubilee, he created a special Cuvée for the Pope John Paul II.
One of the most important recognitions received during his professional carrier is as Best Italian Oenologist during the “Wine Oscar 2006”.
In 2008 Men’s Health Magazine voted Roberto Cipresso “Man Of The Year” in food category.
His three books, “Il Romanzo del Vino”, “Vinosofia” and “Vineide”, written in collaboration with Giovanni Negri, were published respectively in September 27th 2006, October 12th 2008 and in September 23rd 2009.
In 2009 Wine&Spirits declares Bodega Achaval Ferrer “Best Wine Cellar of The World”.
In April 2010 he met Italian Republic President, Giorgio Napolitano, and was asked by “Città Del Vino” to develop a special wine for the 150th Anniversary of Italian Unification.
In 2011 Robert Parker, patron of The Wine Advocate, awards Cipresso’s five wines with one 99/100, three 98/100 and one 97/100.
During 2012 Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 2006 La Fiorita, 95/100 Wine Spectator rating, is listed as one of the Best 50 Wines in Italy during the Best Italian Wines Awards 2012 and received the Gold Medal at the “Merano Wine Festival 2012”.
Roberto Cipresso ranks in the “Top 10 Wine Spectator 2012” with his Finca Bella Vista 2010, Bodega Achaval-Ferrer in Mendoza.
The Finca Altamira 2013 is among the 10 Best Wines of 2016 by Forbes.

July 30, 2014, Roberto became a member of the Scientific Committee of Ente Vini - Enoteca Italiana.

December 16, 2014, at Palazzo Strozzi, "La Quadratura del Cerchio meets Pablo Picasso and Cubism", exclusively for guests of Cathay Pacific Airways.

January 19, 2015 - in collaboration with University of Udine and prof. Roberto Zironi, at the wine school of Conegliano Veneto - Roberto Cipresso did a "Lectio Magistralis" entitled: "History of Vine and Wine".

In 2016, he founds, with his brother Gianfranco, the Cipresso 43 project.



The rendezvous between Roberto Cipresso and the enthusiastic and passionate of wine will take place in Montalcino, where Winecircus is based. Montalcino is an enchanting and fascinating place with fabulous landscapes and views, that counts with a long and prestigious tradition for wine and enology. Thanks to the sophisticated Winetailor mobile equipment, the experience can take place anywhere the client prefers, as long as the setting and location are as special as the experience itself is meant to be. The experience will start with the tasting of 9 wine samples that will be described in detail with the support of a video that will help have a better understanding through images of the intellectual meaning of each wine.  Out of the nine wines tasted, four of them will be chosen. With these four wines, six new different blends will be proposed, and finally the best two cuvees will be decided and selected. These selected two wines will be blended and three more new and unique samples will be proposed. Out of these the final WINETAILOR will be ready.
An unforgettable wine tasting experience made up of 18 samples for the preparation of a tailored and exclusive customized wine. To seal the experience, at the end of the day, the very first bottle n. *0 will be ready and given to our customer as a symbol of the unique product exclusively tailor made, realized to fit taste and desire. The label will evidence the coordinates of the terroir of the grapes and the indications of the vine variety. 100 days after the experience, the wine bottles will be ready to be picked up together with an exclusive work notebook that will report all the indications and steps of the productive process, from the vineyard to the bottle.
The Winetailor project is consolidated with success thanks to the passion for research that has guided Roberto Cipresso in the past 25 years, and that today thanks to the Winecircus team guarantees an unforgettable experience.


The location selected for Winetailor experience is a “dreaming location” and our Guests will stay there: the Castello di Velona.
A luxury castle in the heart of Tuscany very close to Montalcino. The castle was a medieval fortress built in the 11th Century and the oldest part still in existence is the 12th Century watchtower, which was the scene of clashes between the republics of Siena and Florence. The road that skirts the foot of the castle is marked on ancient maps under the name of Via Clodia (Claudian way), the old Roman road from the first century B.C. that joined southern Etruria to Rome.
Also present nearby are stretches of the Via Francigena, a route travelled by writers, artists, famous bandits and pilgrims who, during the Middle Age, went to Rome for the Jubilee. Important Etruscan artefacts were found in the area adjacent to the castle and they are now held in Montalcino’s museum.
In 2011, the Castello di Velona – Tuscan Resort & SPA will reopen its doors to the public after an extensive expansion project that has lasted three years, involving a total of 46 rooms and suites, a new restaurant with panoramic terrace and a 1.500 square meters SPA. It has become a magical and unique place for relaxation and wellbeing, for arts enthusiasts and for connoisseurs of great wines.


Winetailor experience could be organized everywhere, not only at Montalcino.
From Guest necessity, Winecircus Staff will arrive at the location in all over the world. For this Winecircus produced specific flight-cases containing all instruments to offer an unforgettable and hi-esclusive experience: various model of wine glasses, decanter, lab equipment and soil samples



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Many years of work, soils, lights, water, different vineyards, human experiences. All these precius elements are collected into notes and transmitted for those who have the desire to study in depth the passion for the vine and wine. The working is in progress, and early we will post updates on our activities.